aloe Vera gel is very health full

Basic Questions That Rise On Aloe Vera :

what are the advantages & disadvantages of Aloe Vera?

what is Aloe Vera ?

what are the uses of Aloe Vera ?

here, are some basic questions that would rise in our minds when we first hear the word Aloe Vera

Hi , everyone its Abdul mateen today in this post we are going to learn  about the uses of aloe Vera ,aloe Vera’s advantages ,aloe Vera’s uses and its disadvantages  ok then  before entering into our main  topic (uses of aloe Vera)lets know what is aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera is a tiny plant with almost 60-95 CM high with having no stem and thick –fleshy leaves with white teeth like thrones around its leafs periphery .comes under family of ASPHODELACEAE and sub family of ASPHODELOIDEAE .

In summer the plant produce a beautiful yellow flower on spike up to 90CM high aloe Vera plant forms arbuscular mycorrhiza which is a symbiosis that allow the plant to access the minerals of the soil efficiently

Beautiful flower of aloe Vera

It was a ancient remedy for medication since mid-first BC

Its medication has appear firstly in EBERS PAPYRUS in 16th century BC and in JULIANA ANICIA CODEX IN 512 AD

Components Of Aloe Vera :

From Aloe Vera two kinds of fluids can be extracted:

1. Aloe Vera Clear Gel

2. Aloe Vera Yellow Latex

Uses Of Aloe Vera Gel :

Aloe Vera gel is used for making commercial products like ointments for skin and can be directly applied in small burns ,rashes dey skin …

Uses Of Aloe Vera Latex :

This yellow latex has little bit toxic because due to this tumor in intestines had been found in lab rats

And it can be used for manufacturing of  constipation control medicines

Use Of Aloe Vera For Hair Fall:

Aloe Vera is very rich in proteolysis enzymes  that helps to repair and regenerate the damaged hair cells its act like a booster to hair growth

Remedy for anti-dandruff

Here is a video showing how to make aloe Vera lotion for hair

In this we had added aloe Vera fresh gel(or you can use ready mate gel is plant is not available ) with conditioner and olive oil and coconut oil

It will reduces dandruff which is a main cause of hair fall

Use Of Aloe Vera For Skin Burns:

Aloe Vera can be used for skin burns mainly small skin burns it heals the skin and let the pain sensation to be cooled

Use OF Aloe Vera For Heart Burning Sensation :


It was a digestive disorder which commonly cause heart burns or sour sensation,

in a study of 2010 by a bunch of cardio doctors announce that consumption of little amount of aloe Vera ( as directed by doctors) can reduce GERD and other problems as it is less toxic it  won’t cause damage

Use Of Aloe Vera For Storing Food :

In 2014 an article of Cambridge university press states that the vegetables and fruits which are coated by aloe VERA GEL BLOCK THE HARMFUL BACTERIA to grow on it firstly they absorbed tomatoes later on apples shows the same result

Which means aloe Vera gel is used for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh

Use OF Aloe Vera For Breast Cancer :

A recent study published in alternative medicines showed at the therapeutic properties of aloe emodin (aloe Vera’s kind) shows the its consumption slowly control the growth of breast cancer

Use OF Aloe Vera For Diabetes :

A recent study of endocrinologists states that daily intake of aloe Vera gel helps in controlling glucose level in blood results in control of diabetes

They even declared that type 2 diabetes cam be cures by taking aloe Vera gel .However it should not be taken without any doctors permeation with your regular medication as I mentioned before it was little toxic that may make it even difficult

Use OF Aloe Vera For Skin Care :

The main and the most popular uses of aloe Vera is for skin .It repairs dry skin , hydrated the skin (moisturize it) repairs   damaged skin , rashes etc….

Aloe Vera gel is also used in many  natural perfumes with skin healing

However the people who have allergy with aloe Vera should completely avoid using or consumption of aloe Vera

Use OF Aloe Vera For Chemical-Based Mouth Washes :

 In the year of 2014 ethiopian journal of health sciences researchers found that aloe Vera extractives are the safe and alternative source for chemical-based mouth watches

It prevent bleeding and repair tooth cavity aloe Vera contain healthy dose of vitamin C that block plaque and also prevent swollen Gums