Black Pepper-Amazing Uses Of Black Pepper

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Hey, do you know that your kitchen has an amazing spice that may help you in lots of ways?

Its Black pepper!!! And it is the most commonly using spic around the world.

Well, the scientific name of the Black Pepper is “Piper nigrum” and it comes from the fruit of the flowering vine of the Piperaceae family. The fruit is called a peppercorn, 

The peppercorn is usually dried and used as the spice


As we all know that the black pepper is the most commonly used spice in the kitchen.

Beside kitchen black pepper have more amazing health benefits; the black pepper is also called as the “King of the Spice”

Black pepper has been using as a medical remedy from ancient times it’s also mentioned in various books of Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani medicines.

Here are some uses of black pepper.

Uses and Health Benefits of Black Pepper:

Black pepper helps in increasing hunger:

The consumption of black pepper helps in increasing appetite,

Have you ever eaten black pepper directly (not by adding in dishes)? If you did so, u will find that after eating raw black pepper you will find some kind of burning sensation.

Do you know what it is you will feel it?  Because it boosts the digestion process and you will also find that strong flavor on your tongue. This both sensations help in increasing your appetite and increase the will of eating.       

Black pepper helps in removing dandruff:

Black pepper has anti-bacterial properties its main work is killing bacteria,

This property of Black pepper helps in preventing dandruff


For this apply black pepper oil to hair while Appling makes sure that you had taken expert’s suggestions on it, about how to apply? And how much has to be applied?

Black pepper can be used as a natural pain reliever:

Joint pains are the most common in old peoples to get rid of those who just follow this remedy.

Take olive oil about 1liter and add 200g of black pepper make sure the black pepper that you are adding must have partially grinned


Apply on the affected parts and do massage on the affected parts within 3-4 weeks you will find the result.

Black pepper helps in digestion:

The black pepper has a compound called piperine that helps indigestion. 

For this take 2 spoons of black pepper and add it to water and drink whenever you find a problem in your digestion, it cleans the total passage of digestion.

Black pepper helps in absorbing nutrients efficiently:

Black pepper acts as an amplifier,

It increases the effect of useful components to their maximum level

Black pepper helps in efficiently absorbing the nutrients like calcium selenium as well as the important useful compounds of plants like green tea and turmeric.

Black pepper helps the body to fight against cancer and tumors:

Breast cancer is the most common cancer that often came to see in western countries.

The study on spices for prevention and treatment of cancer states the compound called piperine that presents in black pepper has the potential to fight cancer.

Even no human trials had been performed the scientists conclude that the black pepper has the potential to fight cancer and kill cancer cells.

Because it shows the amazing result in lab experiments.

Black pepper helps in lowering cholesterol:

Piperin helps in reducing the extra fat layer inside the skin. It probably melts the fat and let it to pass through urine. 

For this take black pepper with honey and warm water daily in the morning.

The patients who are suffering from diabetes can take black pepper through the doctor’s suggestion!

Black pepper helps in weight loss:

As I first mention the piperin and other components of black pepper helps in losing the cholesterol and don’t let other fats to accommodate. 

Not even this it shrinks the skin and tightens the mussels which got loosen because of weight loss.

Black pepper helps in controlling blood sugar levels:

A study states that that the piperine that presents In the Black pepper helps in lowering the serum concentrations of thyroid hormone, glucose, and Hepatic 5’D activity in adult male mice.

In addition to that, they perform another study that states that 85 people who are probably overweighted lose weight efficiently in 8 weeks by consuming a specific amount of Black pepper in their diet

Just add more pepper and enjoy the results be careful earing more amount of black pepper leads to esophagus burning.

Black pepper helps to improve remembering ability and aid your brain:

The piperine present in the black pepper helps the brain to work better.


And in a study the rats who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease subjected to the piperine it causes the rat to remember things perfectly even daily dosing of piperine shows better results. 

Black pepper helps in controlling and preventing chronic-inflammation:

Black pepper has an amazing anti-inflammation property that helps in curing chronic inflammation.

It also multiplies the turmeric inflammatory properties by 2000%

In a test, its conclusion that the injecting piperine to rats causes decrease muscle swelling and lowering the blood marks.

Black pepper is high in antioxidants:

The black pepper has piperine which helps in many ways, even this case,

The exterior molecules cause’ enormous effect on our body they can enter through pollution in air … and by the food, we eat getting rid of them is necessary if not it damages our whole digestive system

The piperine of Black pepper helps to eliminate those molecules. 

Consumption of black pepper helps in preventing gastric problems:

Gastric troubles can be cured by taking black pepper with lemon and jeera.

Take black pepper, lemon juice and jeera in the same quantity 

Grind them well separately and add a full tablespoon of jeera, black pepper, and lemon juice into warm water and drink it when you find difficulty.

Black pepper helps in treating cold and cough:

Black pepper is an amazing remedy for cold and cough just add some black pepper powder into a soup and drink it well you will find results

cough ,

 Or just take steam by adding a few black peppers into the water.

Black pepper helps in the prevention of depression:

Black pepper contains a compound called Piperine and it helps to prevent depression.

Black pepper helps in treating teeth and gum:

Take black pepper and grind it partially and massage it on the teeth with salt.

It was proved scientifically that massaging the teeth with Black Pepper helps in preventing the bleeding.

Black pepper may help in reducing asthma and allergies:

The Black Pepper has a compound called Piperine.

It has the potential to cure allergies and to clear asthma by clearing the passage for the air.

Black pepper boosts the curcumin present in turmeric by 2000%:

The Black Pepper has an amazing property to boost the effect of relative spice

Black pepper boost the performance of the curcumin from 3% to 2000%

Black pepper is an amazing spice in the kitchen:

Black pepper is an amazing spice that was used since centuries,

It has a strong and spicy flavor that goes well with any dish.

In most of the recipes the black pepper is the key ingredient, it also used for stuffing and as finishing touch in many starters.