Cardamom-Amazing Health Benefits of Cardamom


Hey, how many of you love eating sweets?

Probably every one right, but do you know that cardamom is the key ingredient of most of the sweets and in India, no sweet is perfect without cardamom.

Hi, everyone I am Abdul Mateen today in this article we are going to learn and discuss what is cardamom and amazing benefits of cardamom.

Well let’s start with a small introduction,


Cardamom is an Indian spice and now it has demand in all the countries of the world.

Cardamom is a spice that made from different plants mostly 2 plants

  1. Elettaria
  2. Amomum

Both plants come under the family of Zingiberaceae whose native in Indonesia and Indian subcontinents.

There are two kinds of cardamoms available in the market they are they are

  1. True or green cardamom
  2. Black cardamom

Green cardamom comes from Elettaria plant species and it is mostly found in India and Malaysia

Black cardamom comes from Ammomum plant species whose native is the eastern Himalayas and eastern Nepal

Cardamom has been using as a spice and as medicine from ancient times in India.

Here are some amazing health benefits of using  cardamom;

Health Benefits of using cardamom:

Cardamom has Amazing Nutritional Value:

As I mentioned earlier that the cardamom is an amazing spice that has been using in sweets and savory recipes.

Beside these it also has moderate nutritional value; in 100g of cardamom powder we will get

  1. 68g of carbohydrates,
  2. 311 calories,
  3. 7g of fat,
  4. 18mg of Sodium,
  5. 1.1g of Potassium,
  6. 11g of proteins,
  7. 38% of calcium among proteins,
  8. 57% of Magnesium among proteins,
  9. 77% of Iron among proteins,
  10. 10% of Vitamin B6 among proteins,
  11. 35% of Vitamin C among proteins,

As we can see the cardamom has 0 amount of cholesterol and a moderate amount of fats.

Cardamom has a large number of carbohydrates nearly 68g in 100g

Cardamom contains lots of essential oils. 

  1. 45% of Terpineol,
  2. 27% of myrcene,
  3. 8% of limonene,
  4. 6% of menthone,
  5. 3% of β-phellandrene,
  6. 2% of 1,8 –cineol,
  7. 2% of  sabinene,
  8. 2% of heptane,

Cardamom is very beneficial to take according to the nutritional value and composition of its essential oils.

Cardamom helps in Digestion:

Having digestion problems is one of the very common causes problems in the human body even everybody has faced it in some way.

The cardamom is considered as the best source for reducing and curing digestive problems.

The cardamom is a relative of ginger it shows the same effect as the ginger do to digestion it helps to digest food easily.


Along with digestion it also helps to reduce gastric problems like nausea, vomiting, and stomach pains.

A study on finding gastroprotective effect by cardamom concluded that consumption of cardamom in a dose of 12.4mg per kg of your weight help in preventing various digestives problems and cure stomach ulcers.

Be careful excessive amounts of consumption causes tumor.

Cardamom helps in curing Asthma and increase oxygen uptake:

As I mentioned earlier in nutrition value, the cardamom contains a lot of essential oils, and this helps to increase the airflow to the lungs and increase your berating.

For this use, the cardamom extracts have to intake through smoke breathing,

A study of Evaluation of Efficacy of Cardamom Aromatherapy on Aerobic Fitness concluded that inhaling cardamom essential oil for a minute shows a significant increase in oxygen uptake in people while running on a treadmill for 15 min intervals.

It concluded that “if you want to increase your stamina and breathing go for cardamom as it’s natural and has no side effects.

Cardamom helps in reducing long-term inflammation:

Inflammation is the process (or) the sequence of actions that take place in our body whenever foreign substances enter into our body

Inflammation is very essential and very important for our body but the long-term inflammation or chronic inflammation is the harmful one.


In this body start to take inflammatory actions that it used to, even when no foreign substances enter it leads to damaging healthy cells of our body.

Cardamom has compounds that help in lowering the chronic inflammation effect.

A Phytochemical analysis on Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects of cardamom conclude that consumption of cardamom extracts in a dose of 50-100mg per kg of your weight help in reducing inflammation in rats. 

But be careful excessive amounts of consumption of cardamom cause tumors.

Cardamom helps in lowering blood pressure:

Increasing and decreasing blood pressure is very common by increasing age in a human body but it can be easily controlled by using natural methods and medicines.

Cardamom also helps in increasing urination which also helpful in many ways.


A controlled clinical trial on lowering the blood pressure by consuming cardamom concluded that consumption of 3g of cardamom powder per day for 12 weeks (or) 94days, shows a significant decrease in blood pressure in adults who were newly diagnosed with the high blood pressure.

As the research states the cardamom has an amazing property that helps in lowering blood pressure.