Cumin seeds(Jeera)-Amazing Health Benefits of Jeera

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Cumin is also known as Dhana Jeera in India. The scientific name of CUMIN is CUMINUM CYMINUM,

Do you know cumin is the most favorite spice of many chefs?

Generally, Cumin is a leafy plant that comes under a family of PARSLEY, cumin grow low to the ground approximately it was 20-30 cm in height and harvested by using hand.

The cumin is cultivated mostly in India, China, and Middle East Asia. The dried seeds of the plant (cumin) have been using as spies from age.

In most of the dishes of India, China, and Middle East countries use cumin as the key ingredient.

Cumin adds a distinctive flavor and aroma to the dishes. Cumin is also used in the traditional bread of France, in cheeses, it can also be added in curry powders, garam masala, Etc…

Unlike being popular as a spice around the world, it also has amazing health benefits like it was very beneficial to your digestive system, immune system, blood circulation, and your nervous system.

Hi, everyone I am Abdul Mateen in this article I am listing out evidence-based health benefits and side effects of cumin (Dhana Jeera)

Health Benefits of Using Cumin:

 Cumin has many health benefits like

  1. Cumin is a very good source of antioxidants
  2. Cumin aids in treating cancers
  3. Cumin aids in treating diarrhea
  4. Cumin helps in controlling blood sugar level
  5. Cumin helps in increasing appetite
  6. Cumin helps in lowering fats
  7. Cumin helps in weight loss
  8. Cumin has anti-bacterial property
  9. Cumin is the best source of iron
  10. Cumin helps in reducing stress
  11. Cumin aids in digestion
  12. Cumin has anti-inflammatory properties
  13. Cumin helps in weight loss
  14. Cumin helps in boosting memory
  15. Cumin improves the IBS symptoms

To count cumin has an N-number of uses, some have full evidence and some don’t here I am explaining about 5 major and fully evidenced health benefits

Cumin has Amazing Nutritional value:

In 100g consumption of cumin seeds or powder contains nutrition in the following amount  

Cumin seeds contain 0g of cholesterol

Cumin has 22g of total fats in that

  1. 11g of Saturated Fats
  2. 3.3g of polyunsaturated fats
  3. 14g of Monounsaturated Fats

Cumin has 44g of carbohydrates in that

  1. 11g of Dietary fibers
  2. 23g of sugar

Cumin contains 18g of proteins among them cumin has

  1. 12% of vitamin C
  2. 20% of vitamin B6   
  3. 25% of vitamin A
  4. 91% of Magnesium
  5. 93% of calcium

When we came across minerals cumin has a high amount of iron nearly 368% that of proteins.

100g of cumin gives you 375 calories

Cumin also has sodium (168mg) and potassium (1788mg) in 100g

It has an amazing amount of nutrients that worth of adding cumin into your diet

Cumin helps in Getting rid of Digestive Problems:

Cumin has been using as medicine for digestive problems since ancient times

In most of the medical practices of Ayurveda they use lots of cumin for making medicines

A study on Enhancement of Digestive Enzymes Action by Cumin states that cumin act as a booster and helps in increasing the activity of digestive enzymes efficiently. Cumin helps in increasing the Digestion speed

cumin seeds, importance of cumin seeds, cumin seeds help in digestion

 Cumin helps in getting rid of gastric problems of stomach.

Cumin helps to increase the bile juice releasing rate by the liver which aids in digestion

Cumin also helps in reducing constipation and increasing the bowel movement in intestines.

 A case series about the Cumin Extracts for Controlling the Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome conducts an observational study on 57 patients who are suffering from Irritable Symptoms Syndrome by making them consume cumin daily, after two-three weeks they felt improve in bowel movements

Cumin helps in reducing fat and Increasing good cholesterol:

  Cumin has a component called Hypolipidermic it helps in controlling high-level fats that may hurt heart 

To get a reduction of fats efficiently drink the mixture of curd or yogurt and cumin every night before sleep

Jeera water or cumin water is said to be very useful for losing weight for this boil jeera with mint and drink it in every morning before doing breakfast

Be careful while using it lowers the blood sugar levels

Consume cholesterol in a little bit high quantity for better result

Cumin helps in reducing Diabetes:

Cumin helps in curing and preventing diabetes it may help in curing type 2-diabetes

In a double-blind randomized place-controlled clinical trial held in 2017, the scientists had selected a bunch of people with diabetes and divided them into 3 groups. They ask them to take 50 and 100mg dosage of green cumin essential oil daily

cumin seeds, importance of cumin seeds, cumin seeds help in controlling diabetes.

After 8 weeks they found a significant decrease in insulin levels and insulin sensitivity has significantly increased and also helps in controlling inflammation

Cumin helps in Boosting Memory:

Cumin helps our body to make the central nervous system work efficiently.

A study of noninvasive biochemical approach on rats states that the cumin helps against stress and boost memory by working as an antioxidant

Cumin helps you to get sharper memory and to get great control over your body

cumin seeds, importance of cumin seeds, cumin seeds help in reducing memory loss.

The cumin is a very powerful and effective antioxidant than vitamin C in the case of rats and the same extracts of cumin help rats in making them faster and better recall

Cumin also helps in curing Parkinson’s disease which causes disturbance in the central nervous system