Ginger-Amazing Health Benefits Of Using Ginger

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The scientific name of Ginger is ZINGIBER OFFICINAL, it comes under the family of ZINGIBERACEAE

The ginger tree is a flowering plant whose root is used as ginger spice

We all know ginger as a flavor in some drinks and teas.

Ginger is a fully demanded spice all around the world; it was used in most of the meals nearly all of the meals for better flavor.

Besides using cooking, ginger has an amazing history in medical practice. Ginger has amazing health benefits and it was used as a remedy for stomach pain, cold, throat problems, and many more. Even there is a popular quotation in Greek as   

Let the food be a medicine and the medicine be a food

It seems interesting, right? Let me tell you what it is

These are the famous words of the famous ancient Greek Hippocrates, who is often called the father of Western medicines

This quote means to eat healthy food that act as a medicine to your body like Ginger, Garlic, Black pepper, etc.…

Ginger is first originated from islands of Southeast Asia and spread all over the world and most of the production comes from India nearly 893,242 tones which are 32% of total world’s production which is 2.8 million tones

As I mentioned before ginger has amazing uses in cooking and medicine

Here I am listing down 5 amazing evidence-based benefits of ginger

Ginger has Amazing Nutritional Value:

 As I mentioned earlier ginger has amazing value for your health a basic question that will raise in our mind is How to take ginger (as a raw, powdered, Etc..)

The answer is it’s better to take raw Ginger because it has amazing proven benefits and raw Ginger is more effective than powder

Here are the nutritional values of Raw Ginger that may not found in powdered

In a 100g of raw Ginger, you will get

  1. 333KJ of Energy
  2. 17.77g of Carbohydrates
  3. 1.80g of Proteins
  4. 0.75g of Fats

In vitamins Ginger has

  • 0.025mg of Vitamin B1
  • 0.034mg of Vitamin B2
  • 0.75mg of Vitamin B3
  • 0.203mg of Vitamin B5
  • 0.16mg of Vitamin B6
  • 5mg of Vitamin C
  • 0.26g of Vitamin E

And in minerals Ginger has

  • 415mg of Potassium
  • 43mg of Magnesium
  • 34mg of Phosphorus
  • 16mg of Calcium
  • 13mg of Sodium
  • 0.6mg of Iron
  • 0.34mg of Zinc
  • 0.229mg of Manganese

Most of the raw Ginger contains water nearly 79% of the water that means 79g of water in 100g of Ginger

Well Ginger has less nutritional value compared to other spices and it contains a huge amount of water in it but if we grind the Ginger the water capacity decreased to 9% other than manganese (90%) all the other compounds, minerals and vitamins will become negligible or nearly 0.

Ginger helps in Curing Nausea, common cold and morning sickness:

According to a study of a SYSTEMATIC REVIEW OF RANDOM CLINICAL TRIALS (2000), Ginger is very effective on curing Nausea and Vomiting

Ginger has a compound called 6-gingerol which helps in increasing antibodies to fight against Nausea, cold, morning sickness  

ginger, uses of ginger, health benefits of ginger, uses of ginger,
health benefits of ginger for Nausea,

A Meta-analysis (2006) concluded that a fixed dose of at least 1gram of ginger consumption shown more effective than placebo for the prevention of Nausea and vomiting

Ginger shows especially effective on pregnant women, ginger helps a lot in reducing Nausea for pregnant women

But taking an overdose of Ginger causes miscarriages so take doctor’s advice on how much of Ginger has to be consumed if you are pregnant.

Ginger helps in Lowering Cholesterol Levels:

You don’t believe me if I tell that cholesterol is an amazing thing that found in your body.

Without cholesterol, the human body can’t survive and the presence of cholesterol in a huge amount doesn’t let you live easily

ginger, uses of ginger, health benefits of ginger, uses of ginger,
health benefits of ginger for lowering the cholesterol,

In general, there are 2 kinds of cholesterol

  1. Good cholesterol (HDL)
  2. Bad cholesterol (LDL)

Presence of LDL cholesterol in a huge amount causes serious damage to the heart leads us to various heart diseases

A double-blind controlled clinical trial (2008) whose objective is to study and find the effect of ginger on lipid level concluded that intake of Ginger powder 3grams per day in 3 divided doses probably morning 1g, afternoon 1g, night 1g shows a significant reduction in cholesterol level 

 Another clinical study shows the same result as the Ginger extracts help in reducing cholesterol in lab rat

Both of the studies show that Ginger powder and extracts help in the reduction of cholesterol.

Ginger helps in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and help in reducing aging rate:

Uneven aging and memory loss seem to be critical side effects of having Alzheimer’s disease

Chronic inflammation in the brain and huge stress causes Alzheimer’s disease; Alzheimer’s disease is very common in old aged people

ginger, uses of ginger, health benefits of ginger, uses of ginger,
health benefits of ginger for preventing and curing Alzheimer's disease

For preventing this there are a lot of medications is available in the market but taking a natural way to cure Alzheimer’s disease symptoms

The Ginger has antioxidants and bioactive compounds that help in reducing inflammation in the brain and to reduce stress 

There are many types of research and studies that tell us that ginger helps in curing Alzheimer’s disease in 60 years old women and many others

Ginger helps in Reducing and Curing Cancer:

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases that are found as harmful to the physical body

Cancer causes uncontrolled growth of dead and abnormal cells.

Ginger has been using for treating cancer for several centuries and is considered a thousand times more effective than chemotherapy.

ginger, uses of ginger, health benefits of ginger, uses of ginger,
health benefits of ginger for reducing cancer cells from body

Ginger contains the compounds called as 6-gingerol and 6-shogaol; these compounds are very effective against cancer and inflammation

Ginger is a natural cancer fighter and it acts as anti-oxidant.

A Meta study Analysis shows that consumption of 2.5 g of ginger extracts for several weeks shows a significant effect on reducing inflammation and cancer-causing cell in 30 people