Methi \ Fenugreek seeds- Amazing Health Benefits of Methi

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Methi is known as Fenugreek in English. The scientific name of Fenugreek (or) Fenugreek is TRIGONELLA FOENUM-GRAECUM

Well Fenugreek is an annual flowering plant that comes under the family of FABACEAE

The fenugreek is cultivated worldwide but mainly cultivated in India even in India 80% of it is cultivated in Rajasthan

Fenugreek is an ancient spice that has been using in both medicine and kitchen uses

Fenugreek is widely used in Indian dishes; for making a perfect dish Fenugreek is essential. Fenugreek’s leafs are mostly used in dishes known as Methi ki bhaji 

Fenugreek also has amazing medical uses. As Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) said if the people realize the health benefits of Fenugreek, it will be sold by the cost as same as Gold

Components Present in 100g of Fenugreek seeds:

In a 100g of fenugreek seeds, we will have

  1. 1,350 KJ of energy
  2. 58g of carbohydrates
  3. 23g of Protein
  4. 8.8g of water
  5. 6.4g of Fats
  6. In Vitamins
  7. 3mg of vitamin C
  8. 1.64mg of Niacin(B3)
  9. 0.6mg of Pyridoxine(b6)
  10. 0.366mg of Riboflavin(B2)
  11.  0.322mg of Thiamine(B1)
  12. In minerals
  13. 770mg of Potassium
  14. 296mg of Phosphorus
  15. 191mg of Magnesium
  16. 176mg of Calcium
  17. 67mg of Sodium
  18. 34mg of Iron
  19. 2.5mg of zinc
  20. 1.23mg of Manganese

Here Are Some Uses and Benefits of Methi (Fenugreek):

 There are various uses and health benefits of Methi daana or fenugreek like

Fenugreek helps in lowering the cholesterol

Fenugreek helps in lowering blood sugar

Fenugreek helps in avoiding and curing cancer

Fenugreek helps in digestion

Fenugreek helps in curing heartburns and acid relaxations

Fenugreek helps in curing heart diseases

Fenugreek helps in weight loss

Fenugreek helps in curing sore throat and reduce fever

Fenugreek helps in increasing milk production in women

Fenugreek helps in easing the child’s birth Etc…

Among them, I am going to discuss the top 5 uses below

Use of Fenugreek for Hormonal Imbalance in Females:

As you all know that our body works by different control systems like the muscular system, digestive system, skeleton system, nervous system, etc…

All of these systems adopt changes based on Endocrine system because it sends hormones which are responsible for various adaptations.   

fenugreek seeds, uses of fenugreek seeds, health benefits of fenugreek for controlling female hormone imbalance

Fenugreek (or) Fenugreek helps I controlling those hormones, especially the Fenugreek seeds contains the compound called Phytoestrogen, which helps in balancing estrogen level in Females

It also helps at the time of Dysmenorrhea; it also helps in improving libido in women

Use of Fenugreek for Weight Loss:

Fenugreek is using for weight loss since ages. Fenugreek has a component called Galactomannan which is water-soluble and it’s said to be very effective in reducing appetite stomach that helps us to feel satisfied and to give up on food; it also helps in suppressing Ghrelin Hormone

fenugreek seeds, uses of fenugreek seeds, health benefits of fenugreek for weight loss

It is better to consume a full tablespoon of soaked fenugreek seeds 1-2 hours before taking food

Use of Fenugreek Seeds for Lowering Cholesterol:

Fenugreek seeds contain the compound called steroidal saponins. It helps to lower the cholesterol and control the cholesterol production by the liver

Type 2 diabetes can easily be cured by the consumption of fenugreek seeds. The steroidal saponins compound also helps in absorbing cholesterol in intestines

fenugreek seeds, uses of fenugreek seeds, health benefits of fenugreek for cholesterol control

A study on multiple people concludes that consumption of cholesterol helps in lowering the cholesterol in people who are suffering from insulin-dependent and non-insulin-dependent diabetes

A study on diabetes patients conclude that consumption of 25g-50g of fenugreek seed powder per day shows amazing effects on reducing serum cholesterol after 20 days

Use of Fenugreek seeds for Constipation:

Well having a constipation problem is a big deal. It can easily get rid of if you take the correct diet.

The fenugreek is best suitable for long term use for people who periodically suffer from constipation

Fenugreek leaves are best as a bulk-forming laxative, it contains high fiber and mucilage content it usually expands when it comes in contact with liquids like water thus in intestines it help to reduce constipation by absorbing water and aids as bulk in the intestine for an easy flow

Use of Fenugreek Seeds in Digestion and Various Stomach Problems:

The people who are suffering from stomach problems and various stomach ulcers consuming fenugreek seeds or Fenugreek daana is very helpful

 Fenugreek seeds, leafs are rich in fiberand antioxidants. It helps our body to remove toxins and harmful substances from our body

fenugreek seeds, uses of fenugreek seeds, health benefits of fenugreek for curing stomach problems

Fenugreek seeds help effectively against gastric troubles and indigestion

It was said that consuming fenugreek seeds in the form of tea helps a lot of indigestion and stomach problems

To make tee add 2-3 tablespoon of Fenugreek seeds powder to a glass of water boil it for few minutes and let it cool and serve it

Make a habit of this in the morning for better use