Turmeric-5 Amazing Uses Of Turmeric


The scientific name of turmeric is Curcuma Longa and Turmeric has been using as medical remedy in eastern parts of earth like Asia, India, Colombia, china and Japan for thousands of years.

This ancient spiec comes under the family of zingiberales. Turmeric plays a major role in the medicine practice in Ayurveda, siddha, traditional Chinese and unani medicines.

First it was used as the dyeing agent late on it start using as a medicine for various purposes, even the tea of turmeric made by Chinese is very useful and a bit famous

It is very famous for its inflammable properties even in United States of America there are over 6000 research clinics only on its inflammable properties

It has even larger uses and health benefits then start using it from now

turmeric,uses of turmeric, turmeric roots

Hi, everyone its Abdul Mateen after this tiny and brief introduction, I am going to give you detailed information about the uses of turmeric, healthy benefits through turmeric and how to take turmeric

With our farther delay let’s get into the topic


To count turmeric has a large number of direct and indirect uses such as

  1. Increase immunity
  2. Control blood pressure
  3. Control chronical inflammability
  4. Reduces fat
  5. Reduces cholesterol
  6. Help in losing weight
  7. Prevent cold
  8. Increases antioxidants
  9. Control sugar
  10.  Heal wounds
  11.  Reduce wound pain
  12.  Reduce swelling
  13.  Prevent toxic substances
  14.  Make your skin glow
  15.  Reduce acne
  16.  Clear skin Etc…

Among these uses I am going to explain about top uses of turmeric that I personally found as super effective

1.Use Of Turmeric In Reducing Chronic Inflammation :

Before telling about use let me tell you about inflammation

What Is Inflammation?

This was the basic Question that comes in our mind when we hear the word inflammation

Well inflammation is a protective respond of your body when its subjected to external harmful materials

For example if you cut yourself or got a hand burn your body’s inflammable respond is to produce plasma, blood plate cells and weight blood cells.

Plasma for stopping forgin threads white blood cells for killing the harmful substances and blood plate cells are for repair the damage that may lead some amount of swelling

Inflammatory respond triggers not only for this but also

  1. For toxins
  2. Bacteria
  3. Viruses
  4. Allergies
  5. Stress
  6. And some junk food like fries foods etc..

After hearing this you’ll all think it was useful right?

No it has another phase called CHRONICAL INFLAMMATION

use of turmeric, inflammation

In this your body will think that there is a harmful substance even when there is no substance like that and start taking normal actions to eliminate the harm full substances results in killing and damaging healthy cells and tissues                                       

That’s lead to heat, pain, redness, swelling and loss of function

Use Of Turmeric For Inflammation :

Well the turmeric has the component called curcumin which plays a major role in eliminating chronicle inflammation

turmeric,uses of turmeric, turmeric milk shake

But the turmeric has the low amount of curcumin probably 3 of its weight and if we add the black pepper into it the black pepper multiply the curcumin effect by 2000% that’s result in enormous decreasing in chronicle inflammability. Without any side effects

2. Uses Of The Turmeric On Open Wounds And Skin Damages :

The turmeric may be first used on the open wounds in its medical development according the reports

 But it shows its effect efficiently on open wounds even now-a-days turmeric is used as first aid for various accidents and wounds

usesof turmeric on wounds
  1. It control and stops the blood to flow out
  2. It prevent swelling
  3. It prevents forgen substances
  4. Helps in quick healing
  5. Prevents the formation of black mark after wound heal
  6. It reduce the itching sensation
  7. Relief pain Etc…


Just apply the turmeric powder on the raw open wound for its better result

3. Use Of The Turmeric For Reducing Stress And Depression :

Depression and stress are the most common disorders that was seen in our generation mostly we thought that depression comes because of feelings and the situations that we are facing

But it was only one reason for depression anther one is our brain condition and neurons’ response

The common symptoms for depression are bad mood, anxiety, fatigue and insomnia

If your neurons are super active for feelings and emotions then it quickly cause you depression UNBELIVABLE RIGHT? ….

 But its true then think why all the people don’t do subsides in depression for an example lets Thomas Edison the inventor of bulb DO YOU KNOW HOE MANEY TIMES HE FAILS?  More than 1000 times and then he success

Just imagine if u fail 10th class 1000 times can you withstand the depression caused by it may be you can but you don’t know because you had never experienced it does he commit sucide

uses of turmeric, depression

All you need is to develop your brain to with stand it. The curcumin which present in turmeric can easily control depression 


For this, start drinking turmeric water and lemonade. To make lemonade all you need is

  1. 4 cups of cold water
  2. 2 table spoons of turmeric powder
  3. 4 table spoons of honey
  4. 1\2 of lemon juic

4. Use Of Turmeric For Weight Loss:

Do you know just by drinking turmeric water and taking into your diet can helps you in losing weight

It’s because it contain very useful and effective items like essential oils, manganese, potassium, vitamin E, vitamin C, calcium, iron, zinc and many more

  1. Turmeric can help you to get clean your digestive track and helps in digestion
  2. Turmeric removes excess amount of fluid from your body
  3. Turmeric prevent growing new fat cells
  4. Turmeric helps to get rid of toxins
  5. And reduce your body fats
uses of turmeric, weight loss


  1. Honey
  2. Milk
  3. Turmeric
  4. And warm water

Just add turmeric to boiling water and add honey and steer it well and take it when it’s in lukewarm state

5. Using Of The Turmeric For Increasing Immunity And Cure Cold:

Do you know that the cold have no vaccine yet and even doctors don’t know how it comes? but it can be prevented a little bit

The turmeric has the properties of reducing cold the and treating various diseases like cancer, ulcers Etc…

uses of turmeric, immunity

Turmeric has curcumin which  helps in improving immunity not even that, The turmeric cure all the diseases that related  to parts that its went through nearly it cure the whole digestive system and increase immunity


Just drink turmeric lukewarm milk daily at night to cure the cold and add a table spoon of Honey to improve immunity