HONEY BEES- Types Of Honey Bees

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HI, everyone have u ever gone into your garden and grab a honey bee or bee and squeeze it ? Probably never , right ?


Then you probably don’t know the pain caused by the string of HONEY BEES

One of the most famous Honey Bee keeper sir, Becky Griffin said that u have no danger from the Honey-bees unless u cause any damage or cause feeling of danger to them

Well sir, Becky Griffin is a certified bee keeper and a Apiculturist (a art of cultivating honey from hives) in Cherokee and he teaches people how to cultivate honey form honey bees through API-CULTURE

Do you know that the killer bee (type of honey bee that comes under bee family) is the most dangerous kind in whole family of bees even it comes under category TOP 10 dangerous animals

Types of Honey Bees general pick

Ones again hi everyone, it’s Abdul Mateen with our further delay let’s enter into the topic


DO you know there are 7 types of species and more than 2000 varieties of sub species of bees found around the world .In which some of them are not yet classified and research is still going on …… Hmm Interesting !!!

Types of Honey Bees

Here a Question ,what is the kind of honey bees that we are often seeing in our surroundings ? and whats is it’s name ?

Generally the honey bees that we see often is western honey bees whose scientific name is APIS MELLIFERA …..CONFUSING WASN’T IT ?

let me to solve your confusion and let’s start to know various types of honey bees










1. Apis Mellifera ( The western Honey Bee ) :

This are a kind of the bees we often see , generally they are imported to all the continents to pollinate agricultural crops , these can be easily identified by here looks

western Honey Bee Types of Honey Bees

which is Golden brown with black abdominal strips ,basically the bees that we often see are females of this kind and they are also called as workers

If we look closely we will found that they have pollen attached to there legs generally it was the pollen of the flower that they recently visit which helps in pollination

Do you know why you often see them ?

Because the will fly more than 4-5 km to find there need from there hives. Mostly they are found to live in artificial hives which were made by humans for cultivation of honey

western Honey Bees Apiculture Types of Honey Bees

These are the social friendly species who usually don’t hurt any one any one probably because they don’t have any string

If u wanna get rid of them if they form a hive in your garden or at your house just kept smoke under the hive and hide in a safe later on remove the hive and then the won’t come back

Well the Apis Mellifera has a large number of verities in which 26 sub verities are still exist in them western honey bee is the most popular

2. Apis Cerena ( Eastern honey bees)

Unlike western honey bees these are mostly found in eastern side of the globe such as Asia so , it was also known as Asian honey bees

This species is also called as the sister to APIS KOSCHEVNIKOVI because the look a like and habituate in a same location

Well we can find the Asian honey bee through the following information

Types of Honey Bees APIS CERENA

The Asian Honey Bees have long erected hairs at the top of there compound eyes which help them in collecting pollen grains  strongly convex shelled  scutellum and a curve lobe in there hand wings.

A normal matured asian honey bee are black in color with 4-5 yellow trips on abdomen.

We can even differ among them serfs as worker ,queen,drones with some miner changes in there physical appearance like having hind legs to carry pollen to workers ,sexual parts to drones and queen can b determined by its size probably biggest in the hive

These bees are famous for making compound hive because of there sizes

Types of Honey Bees and Its differences

These are also social friendly and cause no harm to people. if u wanna get rid of them use similar method used in case of western honey bees.

They produce lesser among of honey in a season but that honey is very costly and have many benefits


Apis dorsata (rock bees )

These are big and strong bees nearly 16.5-20 mm (0.65-0.8 in) .They usually make only one but very large comb and they were seen on very big trees and rocks mostly away  from the ground

Types of Honey Bees rock Honey Bee Hive

These are mostly found in the forest of Terai and Nepal and also known as Indian giant Honey Bee

Well earlier these honey bees were seen in a larger number on very big trees but now those trees have been cut down and in their place we have planted rubber, coconut and some economical trees  

These bees are not cultivatable and they produce more amount of honey in season which is nearly 45-50 kilo grams of honey

Because of their aggressive nature the experts collect there honey at night times by using smoke and it is prose less in market


They are probably aggressive in nature .They have very big and a little bit soft string

They mostly attack people and animals if they are disturbed and even chase them for a long distance

As I first mentioned the honey bees won’t attack you unless you disturb them

4. APIS FLOREA (The Dwarf Honey Bees ) :

APIS FLOREA is called as the dwarf Honey bees because of their small size probably these are the smallest compared to the remaining species.

Types of Honey Bees Dwarf Honey Bee

A worker of dwarf Honey Bees is nearly 7-10 mm long in body length and has red-brown color all around the body

It has much wider distribution than apis andreniformis which is a sister to this Honey bee (looks similar)

The dwarf Honey Bees are often found in dry-hot areas and they only make a comb in a small and pony bushes

These are not cultivable and honey production is very less nearly half kilo per season and the rate of the honey is very high in the market a very effortful in medication

Dwarf Honey Bee physical look Types of Honey Bees

If u find any of these kind of Honey bees don’t try to get rid of them, follow them and find their hives and by the help of experts get there honey

Be careful these honey bees are very famous for its defense like piping in nose etc.

As they make only one comb probably the small one most of the workers are wandering around the comb for its defense and there honey is very tasty….

5. APIS ANDERNIFORMIS: (The Black Dwarf Honey Bees)

Do you know the black dwarf bee’s nest also is in black color?… hmm  interesting right ?…

Black Dwarf Honey Bee :Types of Honey Bees

The black dwarf Honey Bees are the darkest bees in entire bees family, they have no other color on it just dark black coloring. Until recent appeal,it was thought that the black dwarf Honey Bees was a part of Apis Florea (The Little Honey  Bees) 

The black dwarf Honey Bees make there comb in the darker areas probably where there is approximately 20- 25 % of sun light falls

At a recent study the zoologists find a morphological difference between the black Dwarf honey bees and the little Honey Bees as it was found recently it has no larger data on the species

Black Dwarf Hpney Bee's Black Hive

After that The Black Dwarf Honeybees has determined as the fifth species of the Honey Bees Classification

The remaining are mentioned as same that of the Little Honey bee (APIS FLOREA)


TheKoschevnikov’s Honey bees are also known as “The red bee of Sabah

Mostly the Koschevnikov’s honey bees are found in two colors

  1. Pale reddish in Sabah state , Borneo, Malaysia
  2. Dark coppery color in Malay peninsula and Sumatra Indonesia
Types of Honey Bees :THE KOSCHEVNIKOV’S HONEY BEES physical look

The worker, the Queen and Drones of the Koschevnikov’s Honey bees all are in dark brown banded, the worker have light orange color on abdomen as  bands and the Queen and Drones have light brown color on abdomen

Types of Honey Bees Native of THE KOSCHEVNIKOV’S HONEY BEES

The Koschevnikov’s Honey bees has very long tongue around 5.870mm and slender with narrow tomenta

The Koschevnikov’s Honey bee is larger than APIS CERANA (ASIAN HONEY BEE )

The Koschevnikov’s Honey bees have a very interesting factor :

The drones (male Honey Bees) of the Koschevnikov’s Honey bees have specific mating time (where other species mate in any time). Even if they are or they are not in conspecific or other species colony . The drones will fly to the queen at the specific time and start mating and the Queen also follow that specific time

These are social friendly and don’t harm the other animals unless they disturb them


THE Apis Nigrocincta Honey Bees are found in Philippines and Indonesia, these are small nearly 5.5-5.9 mm

Types of Honey Bees : APIS NIGROCINCTA

THE Apis Nigrocincta Honey Bees have a length of wing ranging from 5.5-5.9 mm as same as its body length and the hind wing length of approximately 1.35-1.5 mm

THE Apis Nigrocincta Honey Bees make their nests in cavities such as holes in trunks caves or human structures, usually near the ground

As they make very small hives it is easy for them to transport and to adjust to various atmospheres

Types of Honey Bees :Native of APIS NIGROCINCTA

There is a little information about Biogeography of the THE  Apis Nigrocincta Honey Bees that they only found in parts of Philippines and Indonesia

Well these species had been recognized recently and nearby confused by A P I S ,due to its resent discovery , there is still not much collected data about the species